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Medical law rights Website Jonathan Davies & Co.

In this site you can find a general review of the healthcare system in Israel, the manner of its legalization and the manner of realizing a patient’s rights through the main causes of action in Israel’s legal system and the activity of our firm.

You can also find information on the following issues:

About us

Jonathan Davies & Co firm's main focus is legal medicine.

Our law firm has branches both in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
The firm was established in 1988 by Attorney Jonathan Davies and employs 6 attorneys and staff.

The firm represents people who have been injured in medical adverse events and has vast experience in handling medical malpractice suits and in litigation involving civil law, torts, insurance law, medical law and medical malpractice claims.

The firm specializes in handling cases that involve complex scientific evidence and has set important precedents and court rulings that have influenced patients' rights within the realms of civil, administrative and evidence law.

Our firm provides legal counsel in the areas of medical law, medical tourism, bioethics, biotechnology and medical ethics
The firm also offers legal counsel and cooperation with other law firms in its areas of practice of litigation, road accidents, work related accidents and torts.