• Jerusalem: Shenhav House, 12 Beit Hadfus St.
  • Tel Aviv: Ha’arbaa Towers (South Building, 9th floor) 30 Ha’arba’a St.


Over 35 Years Of Experience

Medical law, Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Over 35 Years Of Experience

Medical law, Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractice​

Jonathan Davies & Co Law Firm

Jonathan Davies & Co. is one of Israel’s leading medical malpractice, torts and insurance law firms, with 30 years of experience representing victims in various bodily harm claims. The firm’s knowledge in Israeli and international medical law and its experience in complex medical law claims are expressed in each and every case, with the personal involvement of Adv. Jonathan Davies throughout the process.

The firm’s excellent reputation, owing to its achievements in rulings and precedents that support medical malpractice victims, vis-a-vis insurance companies and medical institutions, is expressed in its academic and commercial operations, which include two innovative projects for making the victims’ rights more accessible for full utilization.

The firm, which was founded by Adv. Jonathan Davies in 1988, represents victims vs. state authorities (IDF, National Insurance), medical institutions (HMOs hospitals) and private entities (institutions, physicians, clinics, insurers) in liability, torts, insurance, medical law, medical malpractice claims, and general civil law litigations and representation.

In addition, the firm provides legal consulting on Bio-Ethics, Bio-Technology and medical ethics and was involved in precedential rulings. The firm also provides consulting services to other law firms, and represents the National Insurance Institution in subrogation claims against insurance companies.

The firm, which handles the most complex medical malpractice claims, uses the services of Israel’s best medical experts. It aspires for optimal legal results with attention to all of the social rights for which the victims are entitled.

The firm’s offices are located in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, and it’s Tel-Aviv office recently moved to a new location in Ha’Arba’a Towers.

Adv. Davies has an LL.B., Tel Aviv University (1993) and an LL.M. (Commercial Law, magna sum laude), Tel Aviv University with UC Berkeley (2012). He has 34 years of experience in medical malpractice, torts, insurance, liability, litigation, medicine and law, occupational illnesses, bodily harm, OSH, receiving medical rights, bio-tech and class actions. He was the chief editor of the “Medicine and Law” journal of the Israeli Law and Medicine Association for 15 years.

In addition, he was Chairman of the Council of Presidents of the WAML. Member in the Board of Governors of WAML and member of the educational committee. Executive and presidential board member of the Medicine and Law Association, Member of the management board of the Health, Law and Ethics center next to Haifa University and Member of the British Royal Society of Medicine. He is also a Member of the US ACLM), a Member of the Helsinki Committee which approves/rejects human experiments for the Me’u’hedet HMO and a Bar-certified mediator. He is renowned as an authority in his practice area and published numerous books and articles in Hebrew and in English.

Legal Precedents

In its three decades of operations, the firm set numerous precedents in the Supreme Court and the National Labor Court, and led to numerous binding precedents that serve as pillars of Israeli medical law, including a ruling of the Supreme Court President Shamgar that regulates disclosure obligations of insurers to the insured. A Patient rights’ ruling which determines that a lack of sufficient experience of an Israeli doctor justifies funding surgery abroad. A ruling concerning the relative deduction of benefits from tort compensations, and a ruling concerning wrongful birth, that served as a basis for a binding precedent of the Supreme Court, determining that an Ultra-Orthodox woman can decide to abort, regardless of her religious beliefs. In addition, a ruling concerning the Spoliation of medical records by a senior physician, and an important recent ruling concerning the required follow-up after a Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure and many other rulings of the different courts.

Innovative Projects in the Practice Area

The firm’s commitment to defend Patient Safety leads to an implementation of its accumulated knowledge in two innovative projects, aimed at implementing their rights, and supporting them through the obstacles of the legal procedures, and also at reducing the high costs that are involved in legal and expert opinions and representation in this area. For that purpose, the firm is involved in the creation of innovative tools that help victims fund medical opinions

The second project concerns legal investments and helps plaintiffs that cannot afford to finance medical malpractice litigation and expert opinions and expenses for the victims. www.justiceinvestments.com