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Sham Peer Review

Jonathan Davies
Legal and Ethical implications of Sham Peer Review

Sham Peer Review (SPR) is used as a tool to diminish “whistle blowers” or expert witnesses that don’t comply with the line of conduct that is expected in medical institutions. SPR intends to harm and attacks a physician for personal reasons related to his medical profession, which are unrelated to the physician’s quality of care and patients safety.

SPR has legal, Ethical and economic implications that can effect patient safety. SPR raises legal issues in different areas of the law, namely contract law, employment relations between physician and the medical institution involved. It can also raise questions of defamation and cause of action in personal injury in particular cases where the physician was bodily harmed.

In cases where patient safety is involved ethical questions of the scope of Immunity given to the medical institution is used as a tool to cover wrongful conduct. Full immunity allows SPR to take place and avoids whistle blowers from testifying.

Our firm is currently handling serval cases in which we try and prove that SPR can potentially cause personal injury. We aim to reformulate the patient-medical-staff relationship through a precedential lawsuit concerning a physician who died following “Sham Peer Review” from his colleagues. Thus, we expose the behind-the-scene dynamics of hospitals and fight for the rights of patients and Doctors to a better and cleaner health system.